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Don't let tedious payment issues trouble your business anymore, choose our service products to make your capital flow boundless! Contact us now and embark on your global wealth journey!
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Cooperating financial institutions
Integrated suite of financial and payment products
A common cross-border payments strategy is to use a combination of services to support your business. But establishing and maintaining connections to these services independently is expensive and complex.
Wondergate connects you to almost any payment service simply and quickly. Any connection is made through a single API, minimizing development costs.Wondergate helps you enter the market faster, achieve higher payment success rates and reduce business risks.
Global Acquiring
Accept online payments worldwide with payment solutions built for any merchant
Multi currency wallet
one-stop fund management enables users to consolidate funds from multiple payment accounts into a unified digital wallet
Global Issuing
With just a few simple steps, you can generate virtual cards online. No need for physical cards, easily manage your funds
Convenient system to take your startup further and faster
We can launch faster, scale with growth, and automate workflows to do more with less.Build your own API-based integrations or use our low-code or no-code solutions that are simple enough to implement and powerful enough to quickly scale with your needs

Save engineering time with unified payments. We specialize in gateways, payment rails and financial institutions in the world's complex economic landscape, allowing your team to focus on building everything your business needs on a single platform.
Rapid Transaction Processing
Experience the market’s quickest settlements,enhancing your cash flow.
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